Alberta Trophy Antelope Guided Hunts

Our trophy Antelope hunts take place in the South Eastern badlands of Alberta with residents being on a strict draw system that takes 10-14 years of applying just to get the opportunity to hunt these crafty critters, outfitters across Alberta and being the only location in Canada to provide opportunities to non residents Alberta is a bit of a hidden Jem when it comes to finding goats 80+. Although we consider anything over 76” to be of a high class. Trust the Land Outfitters owns 3 allocations of only 50 non resident tags Nation wide. If your after “Just a goat “ there are definitely more reasonable priced places that’s forsure. But if your looking to look over 500+ before you find the right one.  Alberta is just the place to do it.  Quality quality quality! 

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Gear list

  • Ammo (2 boxes)
  • Shooting sticks / bipod 
  • Hunting clothes, what you prefer quiet as possible 
  • Rain gear 
  • Day pack 
  • Spotting scope 
  • Binoculars 
  • Binocular harness 
  • Range finder 
  • Hiking boots 
  • Water bottle 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Wind proof jacket
  • Socks however many you prefer


How far are we expected to shoot effectively?

Antelope are not very big targets, rarely stop moving. It isn’t uncommon to be shooting at them at 500-550 yards rather be prepared to shoot to far then under prepared.

What size of Antelope should we hold out for ? How many are typically seen in a 4 day hunt?

Anything over 76” inches is considered a good goat . Depends how many you’ve shot in your life really. We hunt a couple 80”+ goats each year but they aren’t easy to get by any means. There smart . They live in our area and we hunt them every year.

What calibre of rifle would you recommend?

That’s a tough question. Bring what you are comfortable shooting out to 500 effectively.

What kind of accommodations do we stay in for Antelope hunts?

We stay in a ranch house, it was all the luxuries of home.

What can we expect for lunches?

We will prepare sandwiches (ham, bacon, turkey, cheese) for you then we have a tote full of all kinds of snacks, (chips, muffins, fruit rolls, cookies) help yourself to as much as you like we always have to much. Grab a apple or orange outta the fridge too before you head out for the day.

What do suppers usually look like in camp?

We enjoy simple home cooked meals, casserole, pulled pork, fresh lasagna, garlic toast, salad. Nothing fancy but hits the spot after a long day hiking. Oh I almost forgot the pie!