Alberta Trophy Mule deer Guided Hunts

Our Trophy Mule deer rifle hunts take place during the Rut October 25 – November 30. They are 6 day hunts fully guided on private land in the foothills of Southern Alberta in the far Western portion of the province, it’s a very exciting time of the year with big bucks travelling around the hills searching for does in heat . Our guides spend great deal of time before the hunt getting land permission & Scouting the area , so by the time the client arrives they’ll have an idea where lots of does hang out , and importantly what big bucks have been roaming. We try to mange our deer herds selectively taking the cream of the crops giving the young deer with potential a chance to grow into something special, with residents on a strict 5-7 year draw and us outfitters allocated a few number of tags each year.

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We sell our mule deer hunts as 100% opportunity on 170+, often times taking deer well into the 180+ range. Biggest deer we’ve harvested in the passed few years are 203,197 and 193.

We prefer to do 1 on 1 hunts which are fully guided on private land.

We can do 2-1 but mainly if both hunters know each other . Fully exclusive, includes home cooked meals and lodge accommodations. I run a small camp 2-3 max a week.

Whitetail is offered as a fee gets the tag in your pocket then a few only if successful on harvesting.

Gear list

  • Rifle
  • Ammo
  • Binoculars
  • Range finders
  • Binocular harness
  • Neck gaiter
  • shooting sticks/bipod
  • Spotting scope
  • Tripod
  • Window mount
  • Mid sized backpack (sometimes we are required to backpack our deer out)
    Good hiking boots
  • Good Socks
  • Long Base layer
  • Wind stop jacket (it can get windy throughout our area this time of year)
  • Rain gear
  • Trekking poles (optional)


How many deer would typically be seen in a day?

There is alot of determining factors weather can play a big part , rut activity is another big factor. I would say anywhere from 15-30 bucks through the whole day. Which of course not all our trophies you know how the saying goes . They didn’t get big being stupid.

What size deer is considered a shooter ?

The trophy is in the eyes of the beholder. But anything 170+ is a good deer in our area. We have been blessed to take some great deer over the years well into the 180 range with occasional getting 190+ it’s up to you to decide not us .

What kind of accommodations should be expected during the duration of our hunt?

We will be staying in a cabin & when i say cabin I mean home away from home with all the luxuries of home hot showers, cozy beds, tv, wifi, home cooked meals, fresh coffee.

What kinda of shape are we expected to be in?

Well Our area consists of rolling foothills with amounts of farm land on our east boarders.  75% of our area is private land ranchers some of which do not allow vehicle access strictly foot access only so the better shape you are in the more country you can look over throughout your hunt . That being said all of our hunts we do during the rut so anything can happen bucks travel lots and you can catch them chasing a doe 500-1000 yards from the truck at times.

How far are we expected to shoot effectively?

You should be effective from 200-450 yards off a bipod or shooting sticks.

How far are we expected to shoot effectively?

You should be effective from 200-450 yards off a bipod or shooting sticks.

What can we expect for lunches?

We will prepare sandwiches (ham, bacon, turkey, cheese) for you then we have a tote full of all kinds of snacks, (chips, muffins, fruit rolls, cookies) help yourself to as much as you like we always have to much. Grab a apple or orange outta the fridge too before you head out for the day .
How many hunters do you typically have in camp during a week? We try to keep it small 2-3 clients per hunt . Allows us to provide a home town feel and focus on providing not just a hunt but an experience! A memory that you take with you along with the trophy of a lifetime

What do suppers usually look like in camp?

We enjoy simple home cooked meals , casserole, pulled pork, fresh lasagna, garlic toast, salad. Nothing fancy but hits the spot after a long day hiking. Oh I almost forgot the pie!

What do we do with our meat after harvest?

We have a great relationship with the local butcher and have a exchange program setup. Oftentimes they’re very busy and cutting , wrapping your deer isn’t realistic. So you can give them your meat in exchange for other great meat, jerky, pepperonis, ground, etc . All very delicious. Other option is bring a cooler to fill yourself we can flash freeze it , you can check it on the plane no problem.