“My buddy James and I made the Journey over from Australia in 2019 for not a hunt but an adventure with with Seth and the team at TTLO, we both took very nice mule deer bucks, I was lucky enough to take a nice whitetail, we both harvested a beautiful lynx over Seth’s hounds and James taking a cougar also over the hounds.
We can’t say enough good about the team and what they did for us with the hunt and also the outfitting. Once the world comes back to somewhat normality I will be back to tick off more bucket list trophy’s.“

Shane C.

“I had the opportunity to hunt with Trust The Land Outfitters in 2018 and 2019. Both trips provided great experiences with awesomes trophies. Seth runs a first class operation and is an exceptional guide who works extremely hard on pre-hunt scouting as well as the hunt itself. Seth also has a great relationship with area landowners which pays dividends when your targets buck is on the prowl for hot does. I can’t say enough good things about my hunts and the life-long friendships that have been forged through great experiences.“

Rick McClanahan, Oklahoma

“I booked hunt with Seth, Trust The Land Outfitters a few years back. I was excited to hunt a mule deer and Seth has a great area that he knows extremely well. I was amazed at how many mature bucks there are in the area and took a super clean typical deer early on the hunt. I tagged alone on his other hunters hunt and got to watch him take a non typical a day or two later. The next year i happened to be a road tripping through Canada and just happened to be cuising through Seth’s area after a fresh snow, Seth asked if I wanted to chase a cat, well we found one and I was able to get a nice mountain lion with my bow in a single day.
Seth is a great hunter who know how to get it done for his clients. I’m excited that I just booked another mule deer hunt with him for 2024!.“

Derek Blake

“I have had the opportunity to hunt with Seth and the crew with TTLO on two separate occasions and each time was an amazing experience! TTLO is truly one of the best when it comes to Alberta outfitting.  In 2017, I had the opportunity to join my wife in a mule deer hunt that will remain one of the best hunting experiences of my life. I brought home a giant trophy mule deerand a lifetime of memories. We saw many deer throughout our hunt, but Seth was great at making sure the buck I took was the best of the best. He provided a great experience and Seth and his TTLO have become great friends to our family. 

Mule deer hunting was such a great experience that I came back in 2018 for a chance at an Alberta antelope. Once again, another great hunt with a great trophy to bring home. If you are looking for an amazing Alberta hunting experience, Seth and his crew will make sure that you have a great hunt, great food, greathospitality and take home not only a trophy, but memories that will last a lifetime!“

Niles Buettner

“My husband, Niles, and I made the trek to Alberta in 2017 with the hopes of bringing home a trophy mule deer. Seth and the crew with TTLO did not disappoint. I came home with an amazing non-typical muley, which was exactly what I was hoping for. Seth knew where we could find this trophy deer and the views of Alberta were breathtaking! We even took a day to look for wolf with our added wolf tags. Seth and TTLO are truly the best in Canada when it comes to hunting and knowing where to find amazing wildlife. We wouldn’t hesitate to use Seth and his crew from TTLO again for a future hunt! It was a great hunt, with great food, lots of laughs and friends that became family! We can’t wait to come back for another hunt and a hike, just over that next ridge“

Nicole Buettner

I have had the great pleasure to hunt with Trust the Land Outfitters on more than one occasion.  These have been some of the best hunts I have experienced.
We all want to go to a place where we will have the chance to harvest trophy animals,  and enjoy the camaraderie that only hunting can provide.  Seth and his crew deliver on both accounts.  I have harvested 2 “book” animals while hunting at Trust the Land Outfitters,  but the best part of these hunts is the friendships that I have developed.  Seth and his crew are truly good people.  They work hard on behalf of their clients and go the extra yard to ensure the experience is enjoyable.
I really can’t give a higher recommendation.  I can’t wait to hunt with these guys next season!

Matt McKenzie